HighSchool Jacob’s “Can’t Get Enough” is the Electronic Angst-Fest You’ve Always Wanted

Originally published by Two Story Melody

HighSchool Jacob has found a fan in me. I was hesitant at first because I don’t typically identify with electronic music, but HighSchool Jacob proved me wrong.

Jacob Masters’ sound is reminiscent of high school heartbreak (go figure!). His songs tend to build and his newest single “Can’t Get Enough” is no exception. The intro sounds like “Video Killed the Radio Star” with techy vocals and a quality that reminds me of the infant stages of production. I can almost picture Jacob sitting in a teen’s bedroom alone, brainstorming the next angsty number to sing in the shower.

Then the drums start to beat and the song becomes all that it was meant to be. The strong bass line mixed with the electronic production quality give the song a disco vibe that makes you want to dance back in time.

The lyrics tell the story of a struggling couple, our main character growing frustrated as he reminds his lover that his feelings are real.

“Pretending like you’re delicate has never worked out.
You always take me out of context and accuse me of doubt.

Although the melody feels upbeat and exciting, the lyrics reveal a bit of angst. It’s as though the protagonist of the song can’t convince someone of his true feelings. We’ve all been in a situation similar to this. Whether we are the one doubting or the one striving to express our emotions, the struggle can be infuriating, especially when it’s a repeat occurrence. But what can you do?

Jacob Masters chooses to be honest.. and then write a song about it. In “Can’t Get Enough” he balances a strong chorus with a reflective intro that is then repeated as the bridge. In this way we experience the rise and fall of frustration.

“Wonder what you’re doing now
Do you still brush your hair when you’re lying in bed?
Sometimes I see you by yourself
Still thinking that I know what’s in your head
I just can’t get enough

Whether we work to find a remedy to our struggles or call it quits all depends on what we can’t get enough of…

“Can’t get enough” can be a positive phrase, as in always wanting more of a person in our lives. Or it can be a negative — never having enough validation. Whether the character of Jacob’s song worked through his struggle depends on his interpretation of that phrase. Is the other person worth the struggle or is the constant need of reassurance debilitating? That’s a question for HighSchool Jacob and you to answer.

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