INTERVIEW: Anna Dellaria


You won’t soon forget Anna Dellaria. With her striking red hair and vibrant red lips to match, Dellaria has created an edgy brand, personifying her punchy vocals. She’s on a “bop”-production streak, using a mix of pop melodies and haunting electronic effects to create numbers like “Mama Said” and “Baggage.” Anna chatted with us (via email) to chat about her upward trajectory.

Hi Anna! First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Share a little bit about yourself. How did you get your start in music?

Thank you for showing the music some love <3

Music has essentially been this integral part of me since I can remember. I definitely wasn’t able to put [my finger on it] at first, but singing, in particular, just felt like this thing I had to do. Whether for people or not. Almost like drinking water or sleeping.

I started out learning piano by ear and listening to voices like Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Kurt Cobain, Natasha Bedingfield, etc.

Eventually, I began to craft melodies and lyrics over what I was playing on the piano, and soon went on to release those songs and attend college for music at USC’s Popular Music Program.

You’ve been in this industry for a while now, having fully devoted yourself to it in college. What advice would you give someone who is just starting out?

Listen to your gut and create from your authentic self. The hardest part sometimes isn’t “networking” or “getting fans,” but actually digging deep to keep the fire of your true voice/art burning [amidst] an environment that can start to dim that authentic perspective (very insidiously).

You’ve already experienced an exceptional amount of success on singles like “I Choose Me” and “Bolder.” Now, you’ve got an EP due at the start of 2020. How will this new EP differ from your earlier work?

Very grateful for the responses to the music out so far <3

This EP is a bit more cohesive. It offers a perspective on every emotion. There’s what I call a “pop bop” that [has] more of the feel-good, pop vibe and then [there are] more stripped, singer-songwriter songs that were written from more vulnerable places. [They] contrast the anthemic “you got this!” vibe and acknowledge that life can be weird, and challenging, and strange.


What inspired this new EP? Is it a collection of individual singles or is it a cohesive work?

Kind of both! The songs were written individually with a goal of just telling a story, but the production and the vocals tie them together.

What’s the next step for you after the EP? Do you plan to bring these new songs to live shows?

Absolutely! Next is a lot of live shows :) Performing is my favorite part in a lot of ways. I’m so excited to start incorporating the new songs into the upcoming shows.

Ideally, who would you like to tour with? What artists do you think your music would compliment?

I think Alessia Cara is awesome. Her fans also seem very chill and like they’d be open to discovering new artists like me on the road. I’m really proud of this new music largely because, when you strip it back, the message in the song is still there. Taking that on the road allows for a variety of formats, which is exciting.

What motivates you to keep creating when you hit a writing block?

Driving! I love getting in my car and just going somewhere (preferably outside of LA since it takes an hour of sitting stalled to get anywhere in the city haha). I tend to easily get distracted or anxious by my phone or focusing on what I need to do next. When I drive there’s nothing I can do at that moment except sit and go somewhere and in a way it becomes this meditative space to be present and become inspired.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing and performing?

In no order: Hang out with my family dogs up in the Bay Area, drink a good Vodka Tonic (probably in my sweats), and people-watch.

When listeners hear your music, what message do you hope they get from it?

I hope they feel a little less alone—whether it’s a lighter song about trying to love yourself or those around you, or a song that admits to wrong-doing and struggling. My goal in releasing these little song babies is that one of them will help someone listening feel even 2% less alone in the weirdness that life can be.

Where can listeners connect with you and receive music/life updates?

Instagram (@annadellariamusic) is always a good place, and also Twitter (@annadellaria)! I post a lot of daily life stuff on my Insta Stories as well as sneak-peeks for upcoming music :) You can find memes and quirky thoughts on Twitter.

Be sure to check out Anna’s discography on Spotify and keep an eye out for future releases. She’s an angsty powerhouse refusing to be shaken.

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