Remington Super 60 Entice Us Down ‘The Highway Again’


Remington Super 60 is no stranger to the music scene. The band has been making music since 1998 but has experienced enough internal change to keep up with the ebb and flow of the industry. Their newest single “The Highway Again” reveals their ability to stay relevant while maintaining an old-school charm.

The lyrics and melody combine to create a soundscape that brings the listener back to a simpler time. With a smooth finger-picking progression and simple yet sultry feminine vocals, the song paints a calming picture of stability. But Remington Super 60 was not content to leave the song there. They place a subtle distortion on top of the nostalgia, mixing the old with the new. As one verse ends, it sounds as if the song is coming to a close but then picks up again.

You picked me up today after work

I got into your car and you asked me again

‘What’s your dreams?’

I thought about it

And then we drove for many hours

Throughout the song, the narrating character recounts her journey through what seems to be a regular occurrence. A drive, a conversation, a consideration of change with no commitment. The lyrics, distortion, and shape of the song all illustrate the character’s desire to break out of the mold. The traditions of mundane life are getting old. They have been played one too many times. But they are familiar and comfortable. Maybe too comfortable to the point of complacency.

Remington Super 60 illustrates so well the tension between our desire for change and our desire for security.

So often our dreams call us out into wide open space, but our habits and comfort zones quickly pull us back into the rut we have created. We long for a change of pace, some dynamic element that will help us to grow. Instead, we find ourselves on “the highway again.”

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