PREMIERE: HURST’s “I Can’t Remember”


Using his last name as a moniker, Andrew Hurst adds to his discography for the second time this year with his new single “I Can’t Remember.” The new release retains the electronic-pop vibes of his earlier single “Jacket,” but this time, HURST departs from darker instrumentation in favor of softer beats and fingerpicking.

With that lighter touch, HURST tackles the painful nostalgia that comes with a lost love by painting lyrical pictures of past memories—HURST seems to have caught onto one of the secrets of memorable songwriting early on. Instead of going into great detail, explaining his personal experience, HURST provides quick, but vivid snapshots of memories, like summertime romance and night drives. This allows the listener to fill in the gaps, making it relatable to a wider audience.

Some tracks, like Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” can get away with revealing minute details because of the power behind the lyrics and the existing popularity of the musician behind it. As a budding artist, HURST takes an alternate route, allowing his listeners to write their own story into his song.


Although HURST excels in creating this space for his listeners, he does not intend to focus solely on the ex-lover themself. His thesis goes deeper, pointing to the feelings that accompany heartbreak and the passage of time.

“I Can’t Remember” is a nostalgic anthem that mourns loss, while simultaneously expressing gratitude for something so hard to forget. These two ideas wrestle throughout the song and finally come to a peaceful agreement in the last chorus when all instruments and production drop out and only Andrew Hursts’ vocals remain.

If you’re going through a heartbreak, listen to “I Can’t Remember.” It could be a healing experience. You might cry. You might smile. You might even call your ex. But please don’t hold me or Andrew Hurst responsible for that one. 

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