Julian Yeboah’s “Galactic Funk” Embraces Change


Brooklyn-based artist Julian Yeboah creates music in an effort to create a connection with his listeners and put words to the emotions they can’t quite place. The first single off his sophomore EP Black Forest explores “the cosmic power that lies behind [his] voice,” specifically from an African-American perspective.

As someone outside of that demographic, I may never be able to fully understand the intricacies of that experience. But I can still appreciate the art and subsequent emotion that springs forth from it. We can all learn and grow in empathy and understanding as we seek to hear the stories of others. That’s what this single “Galactic Funk” is all about.


“Galactic Funk” is a slow-rolling anthem of self-discovery. It’s a simple melody with funky techno instrumentation that lets the listener simply bop along. This R&B-pop hybrid creates a space for listeners to reflect on their own ability to affect change.

“Raise our voices

Let’s sing out to humanity

And clear my mind of this insanity

This world is all we got

This world is all we got

Come together”

Through these lyrics, Julian reminds his listeners to not take this time and space that we have for granted. To use our voices as a collective agent for good. After this call to unity, the song ends with a build and just a bit of dissonance, alluding to the fact that the story isn’t over. I’m curious to see how Julian brings the rest of this story to life, connecting it to his and others’ black experience, and draws it to a close with the release of the EP Black Forest next month.

Stay connected with Julian Yeboah by following him on Spotify, Soundcloud and Instagram.

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