Living Vicariously Through littleDEATH’s “Losemyhead”


littleDEATH surprised me. I guess you can’t completely judge a book by its cover or a band by its name. Right away I thought, “This is not my genre.” I joke about being punk. I am not. At all. I love a good pop-punk number riddled with teen-angst. But if you took one look at me, you would know that I am anything but punk.

At first I thought I had judged correctly. “Losemyhead” starts with a screaming count-in that I could do without. But after the scream subsided so did my snap judgment. The song quickly mellowed without losing its edge, mixing electronic alternative pop beats with punk-ish undertones and angst-filled lyrics.

So we can grab ourselves a bag and never leave the haze

Light ’em up, light ’em up til we don’t know our names

Reminiscent of 2000s alt-pop, the sound of “Losemyhead” fits neatly alongside that of the early Killers and 3OH3. littleDEATH brings you back to a different time when everyone in middle and early high school wanted to stand out in a way that fit in with everyone else. An oxymoron — I know — it’s a funny one. And honestly, so are littleDEATH’s lyrics.

Like traditional odes to teen-angst, the lyrics glorify getting out of reality’s constraints through various methods — driving away from it in a cloud of whatever we’re smoking, all while trying to navigate the euphoria and confusion of a new relationship that makes us “lose our heads.” Before you think littleDEATH is trying too hard to relate to our former dramatic selves, listen to the next lyric:

Oh rock bottom

Oh rock bottom

Ohhh never looked this good

In littleDEATH’s own words, “DEATH is imminent…” They know this hedonistic approach to life is futile. But they also know that singing about it is a dang good time.Pop-punk music makes rock bottom look like the adventure of a lifetime. And for those of us who aren’t punk at all *cough cough me*, we don’t have to actually reach littleDEATH’s version of rock bottom. We can just pretend and sing about it to our naive hearts’ content.

So whether you’re reveling in your own rock bottom adventure or living vicariously through someone else’s, give littleDEATH’s “Losemyhead” a listen.

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