Diving Into Minru’s “Lakes”


Swedish indie artist Minru begins her single “Lakes” with a subtle bass line, leaving us wondering where the song might go from here. Initially, the song creates a sultry atmosphere, but soon develops into a dreamy folk pop number. As the song progresses, the instrumentation retains its minimalist approach while still accomplishing a full sound.

The third track on Minru’s EP Yearnings, “Lakes” continues the collection’s theme of nature. With backup vocals reminiscent of an echoing canyon, the lyrics harken us back to our roots, calling us to honestly examine the most raw parts of ourselves.

When you’ve once been set apart

It’s easy to forget

The invisible

And all you took

From the heart

It’s in the dust

Of your dark

“Lakes” describes an internal struggle, begging us to dive into our feelings, illustrated by the fluctuating instrumentation. The sultry and simple beginning grows into a fuller sound, then transitions with a focus on persistent crying strings appropriate for the EP’s title Yearnings. From there, we hear a strong guitar pounding the message into memory followed by a short-lived silence. Out of the silence comes a haunting bell-like call to “jump in.”

Minru accomplishes a calming yet harrowing sound that beckons us to take the risk of jumping into the depths of our own emotions. In this track from her aptly named Yearnings, Minru calls us to solitude and reflection — activities so often ignored.

When we choose to take the plunge into the “hidden lakes” of our hearts, we may come face-to-face with our greatest fears and wildest dreams. But if we never face them, can we truly be honest with ourselves and those around us? Ignoring our fears and drowning our dreams will not make them disappear. It only causes us to avoid the water and stops us from living our fullest lives.

So if you’re up for the challenge: Get alone. Say a prayer. Take an honest look at yourself.

See your fears and your sins and your desires and your dreams. Take a deep breath and dive in. The water’s fine.

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