On My Shelf: Chosen for Christ by Heather Holleman


Moody Publishers sent me Chosen for Christ as a part of their Book to Table partnership on Facebook. And it came at such a time of transition in my life. I had just graduated college, trying to find my place in the world. I chose to move back in with my parents after living out of state for the majority of the past four years. And let me tell you, it has been quite an adjustment.

As I see friends “living their best lives” in their beautiful apartments with their sweet boyfriends, I occasionally struggle to feel chosen. No matter your current status — single, married, just graduated, retired, or somewhere in between — Heather Holleman’s message in Chosen for Christ applies to you.

Holleman filled this book with so many truth nuggets, I kept a hi-liter on hand at all times. In chapter 3 (one of my favorite chapters) I saw myself in the girl struggling to accept the reality of her ‘acceptedness’ in Christ — the fact that Jesus had actually saved her by grace. I encourage anyone doubting their salvation to read the third chapter of this book.

Throughout the book, Holleman reminds her readers that Christ chooses them by His grace and empowers them to live out His purposes. When we see ourselves in light of this chosen life with these chosen purposes, we no longer need validation from others. We already have all the validation we need because God sees us as His chosen children, dearly loved. Don’t get me wrong… I feel ‘unchosen’ all the time. This book didn’t revolutionize my outlook. But it did remind me of truths that I so often let slip when I allow negativity and self-pity to take over.

Reading Chosen for Christ reminded me of many necessary truths, but it also confused me a bit. This may have been my own fault, but when I started reading, I thought the seven invitations to embrace a chosen life were being portrayed as reasons God chose me instead of purposes for which He chose me. I know these sound too similar to make a difference, but I think the main problem was that I didn’t quite understand the purpose of the book until later than expected. Now I understand that these invitations are activities and attitudes God invites us to take on no matter our temporal situation.

All in all, Chosen for Christ encouraged and convicted me. It reminded me that I’m made for more than just self-fulfillment. I’m made to display God’s grace and power to a hurting world. This may make me look like a little awkward “froglet” in this culture that is no longer home as Holleman says. But all the awkward will be worth it when it points others to Christ and pleases Him.

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