Bennett Drive: My Playlist Pride and Joy

To be honest, I was pretty late to the Spotify train. I’m embarrassed to say I was a Pandora girl up until my junior year of college.

But let me be clear… I will never go back.

That being said, I’ve begun to pride myself in some quality playlists, my favorite being ‘Bennett Drive.’ I created ‘Bennett Drive’ near the end of my junior year of college and named it after the street I would be moving to the following year.

It’s hard to describe this playlist. Basically it’s a compilation of the songs that remind me of my time in college. Songs that remind me of old and new friends, moving away from home, independence, and happiness.

Now that I’ve graduated, I continue to add to this playlist, building off an indie pop/nostalgia vibe. Although I can’t place it into a box of one genre, ‘Bennett Drive’ almost always fits my mood. It’s perfect for road trips, creative inspiration, and falling in love. In fact, I’m listening to it right now as I write. Can you tell I’m obsessed?

You’re probably thinking, “This girl is nuts. And maybe a bit of a playlist narcissist.”

You may be right… But don’t knock it ’til you try it. If you like bands like COIN, BORNS, LANY*, or anything of the sort then I highly recommend ‘Bennett Drive.’ But I’ve gone on enough. Just give it a listen. And let me know what you think! And send me song suggestions too!

*Yes, I recognize now that all the bands listed have names in all caps. I might just have to make a new playlist based off this trend. I’ll keep you posted.

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