Liberty University Recreation Centers

At Liberty University, I had the privilege of managing the Recreation Centers Department social media accounts. Along with increasing engagement by over thirty percent, I was able to show students just how much of an impact they were making at the Recreation Centers facilities.


I managed Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and contributed to the blog while collaborating with the photography and videography team.

In this position, I was able to promote events via social media, my favorite event being the ‘Seize the Sweaty’ campaign.

We wanted more women to take advantage of our facilities. So we encouraged them to get sweaty! We reminded them that getting sweaty in the gym is not just a ‘guy’ thing.

To kick off the campaign, we hosted a ladies’ night in the gym. Easily my favorite event of the semester, over 300 women showed up and got SWEATY.


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From then on, whenever women worked out in the gym, they were encouraged to fill out a ‘Seize the Sweaty’ card. IMG_7756The girl that filled out the most cards at the end of each month earned a Recreation Centers merchandise package.

Creating and promoting this campaign was so fulfilling. Our marketing team grew so much closer through it and we really impacted the student body.

I am so proud of all that my team accomplished during this time and I am so thankful for the friendships that I made along the way.


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